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Getting the job done

The future of food waste is backed by science.

Using innovative technology that processes food waste in a closed-loop aerobic environment, The FoodCycler® is capable of reducing food waste volume by up to 90%. Our state-of-the-art Vortech™ Grinding System is capable of pulverizing even the toughest food scraps – including meat, bones, pits, and shells.

The By-product

The FoodCycler® not only diverts food waste from landfills, but it repurposes the by-product of the scraps by turning them into a nutrient rich soil amendment we call Foodilizer™.

From scraps to soil.

It’s odorless and safe to handle indoors

Free of pathogens and weed seeds

You can use your Foodilizer® right away or store for later

Foodilizer™ is scientifically proven to be beneficial for optimal vegetation growth

Our closed-loop system turns scraps into Foodilizer® which helps gardens grow and start the cycle all over again. 

Learn more about the science behind the soil.

The bigger picture

Food waste is responsible for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The FoodCycler® reduces greenhouse gases from food waste by up to 95% .

Food waste that decomposes in landfills creates methane gas that is approximately 30 times more harmful for the environment than the CO2 emissions from our vehicles. Since The FoodCycler® digests food aerobically, it emits 0 methane gas. Plus, vehicle emissions from food waste transportation are also reduced.