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New decade, new foodcycler: big news for 2020 & beyond


Food Cycle Science has partnered with Vitamix Corporation, known by most consumers for their top quality and highly reliable blenders. Vitamix blenders offer incredible versatility to the healthy-living, fun-loving foodie - some Vitamix-ers even use it to facilitate their backyard composting. Vitamix also stands behind their products, offering up to a 10-Year Warranty with full coverage. Longer-lasting products mean fewer replacements, and less e-waste being sent to landfills.

Food waste is a massive problem worldwide, and Vitamix users are not immune to both the cause and effects of this epidemic of waste. While there are many tools out there to divert food waste, unfortunately most still ends up in the garbage.

Scott Hackman, Vice President of Strategy at Vitamix stated: “[We] conducted an independent survey and found that nearly 30 percent of people don’t compost because they don’t have enough space, 15 percent think it’s too messy or smelly, and nearly 10 percent think it takes too long.”

“Methane generated from food waste in landfills is up to 40 times more harmful to the environment than the CO2 from our cars. That means the food scraps we throw away every single day are a massive contributor to global warming,” says Bradley Crepeau, CEO at Food Cycle Science.

Wanting to help close the loop on food waste produced in the modern kitchen, Vitamix sought a solution as sophisticated and user-friendly as their own product line.

The FoodCycler FC-50 eliminates all the space, time, climate, and mobility restrictions of traditional composting. By aerating, dehydrating and pulverizing food waste within a matter of hours, this in-home composting alternative transforms food scraps from your kitchen into fertilizer for your garden.

No methane, no smells, no endless turning – and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your kitchen. Just add your scraps and press Start!


Vitamix is now managing all consumer sales in North America and is launching the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 specifically for this market.

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The Vitamix FC-50 uses the same technology as our existing FC-30, but includes several notable upgrades:

  • A 3-year full warranty backed by Vitamix including 2-way shipping
  • An included deodorizing bucket lid for easy odour-free storage in your kitchen. This keeps odors down, and fruit flies away!
  • A new “Pause” feature so you can easily add last-minute additions to your cycle without starting all over again
  • A new design and colour scheme to watch your existing Vitamix blender!

For existing FC-30 owners, don’t worry! All FC-50 accessories will work in an FC-30 and all FC-30 accessories will work in an FC-50 also. All accessories can be purchased from Vitamix directly through Vitamix. or Vitamix Canada!

With a three-year warranty and a selection of supporting accessories available to Vitamix shoppers across North America, the FoodCycler FC-50 makes it easy to deal with food waste from the comfort of your kitchen and lower your carbon footprint.

This new and revolutionary addition to the Vitamix Store lineup is the utmost in food waste recycling.

Homeowners can rest assured that, by joining us and our partners in the fight against food waste, they are doing something truly incredible for the environment – and their home.

Are you an existing FoodCycler customer? Then you probably have some questions for us.

Read these Quick FAQ’s to learn how this exciting new development will affect you and your FoodCycler! If you have any questions, please reach out via our Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

Quick FAQ’s:

Is my FoodCycler still covered under warranty?

Yes, Food Cycle Science will continue to service any active warranties for products sold by us.

Vitamix will provide warranty support for all Vitamix branded FoodCyclers.

Where do I purchase filters, buckets, and other accessories?

All filters and other accessories can be purchased online from Vitamix, and over time accessories may become available in-store as well.

Based on your opt-in to marketing, you will receive promotions from Vitamix from time to time. You can opt out of these communications at any time.

What happens to my existing order?

Any orders placed directly with FoodCycler until midnight PST on July 15th will be fulfilled by FoodCycler as soon as possible. Any orders after that should be placed on the Vitamix online store (links available on our new website).

Will Vitamix accessories work in my FoodCycler?

Yes, all Vitamix FC-50 accessories will work in a regular FoodCycler FC-30 and all FoodCycler FC-30 accessories will work with a Vitamix FC-50.

What’s the difference between the FC-30 (from FoodCycler) and the FC-50 (from Vitamix)?

See our post above! The key differences are the color, warranty, pause button and the addition of the bucket lid.


A Note on Terminology

The FoodCycler™ is a countertop electric food waste recycler that breaks down food scraps through a mechanical process into a dry, lightweight by-product that can be used in gardening applications as a fertilizer. The FoodCycler™ and other electric food waste recyclers are not composters, nor do they produce compost or soil as they do not require additional microbes to break down food waste with bacteria. However, the term "electric composter" has been used to describe the FoodCycler™.